No need to get into a sweat!

The demands of modern-day living are constantly on the rise and continually changing - presenting a challenge to the materials which are used for construction. The materials have to be light-weight, eco-friendly, recyclable and durable.

Due to decades of development and optimization of processes, along with much passion and energy. manufacturers have succeeded in granting steel the required qualities and features to make it one of the most important materials in the world.

Steel has become a pseudonym for strength and durability, for reliability and high quality.

theramer GmbH has understood and adopted these qualities. theramer supports its customers with products and refractory solutions which enable the customers to achieve their goals. Just as the requirements for high-quality steel are constantly growing, the challenges to the refractory industry are increasing at the same rate. At theramer, we - along with our partners - work passionately to create solutions which help our customers optimize their manufacturing process.

theramer GmbH with the TÜV DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certified -



theramer GmbH looks back on successful 2018 and is looking forward to new challenges and chances in 2019

Last year the refractory and prefab product portfolio of theramer GmbH expanded significantly and convinced the customers all over the world especially as far as blast furnaces were concerned. theramer GmbH is very proud of outstanding test results in a German blast furnace plant and points out a great success of an entire blast furnace lining abroad. The highlight of the year however was a relocation of the parent company VGH GmbH to Hattingen in close proximity to theramer GmbH.

Thus the distances got shorter, the processes became smoother and the relations got more efficient. The customers and business partners definitely benefit from a new constellation and can rely on more new tailor-made products and future-proof solutions.

The new year 2019 is marked by Metec/Gifa Trade Fair 2019 in Düsseldorf, where theramer GmbH exhibits at their own booth 4F19 and counts on establishing new contacts and consolidation of existing partnerships.