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theramer was founded in May 2006 in Schwelm and is a subsidiary company of VGH Viktoria Garten Huettenindustriebedarf AG which is also based in Schwelm.
theramer's business model combines two main areas. Firstly, theramer manufactures and markets shaped and unshaped refractories for the steel producing industries and for foundries. This occurs via its own sales network and in close cooperation with renowned steelwork suppliers in Germany and in other West European countries. Secondly, theramer has managed to prove to the market its expertise as a manufacturer of castable refractories for the steel industry. Providing individual customer-specific castables is a further strength of theramer.
As a division of the VGH Group and due to VGH AG's extensive contacts and business relationships in Russian speaking countries, theramer has been able to successfully introduce its products into these markets and already achieve high recognition and growth at an impressive pace. Now, theramer is focussing its attention on expanding its activities in West Europe. To meet the requirements for this growth, at the beginning of 2008, theramer moved production from Hagen to a larger facility in Hattingen (Northrhine Westphalia). The new facility has a railway siding and thus customers also benefit from inexpensive transportation.