theramer products

theramer products are employed in a large number of steelworks in the former CIS states and have – in connection with VGH services - gained an excellent reputation as an interesting alternative supplier for high quality and inexpensive refractories.

Whether pre-shaped refractories are required like gas purging nozzles, ventilating bricks, or parts for the tundish area or unshaped as castable refractories for usage in tundish, theramer products cover many areas.


Prefabricated product

When manufacturing prefabricated products, theramer solely uses self-manufactured refractory castables ensuring the purity and top quality which we in turn demand for our products.

theramer Steel Ladle Print

Secondary metallurgical treatments in steel ladles mean that increasing demands are put on the existing refractory concepts.

At steel temperatures of over 1600°C, movements and current
theramer Hot Metal Ladle Print

The hot metal ladle is responsible not only for transport but also for metallurgical tasks.

Inevitably more strain is put on the refractory material.

The theramer theracast-R series is used as vibration cement for permanent linings.

Gas Purging Plugs Print

Gas purging of steel and metal molten masses is an important part of modern secondary metallurgy, via which alloying agents can be dispensed faster and distributed better.

Using special manufacturing
theramer Finished Parts Print

Steel should remain in the tundish as long as possible so that non metallic impurities rise and merge into the covering compounds.

Despite large tundishes, if adverse flowing conditions occur steel can flow to the nozzles and no inclusion deposition takes place.
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