theramer Steel Ladle Print

Secondary metallurgical treatments in steel ladles mean that increasing demands are put on the existing refractory concepts.

At steel temperatures of over 1600°C, movements and current in the cast and with modern slags, new refractory solutions are always being sought after to increase the durability of ladles.The enormous drop height of molten steel demands maximum strength.The advantages of theramer ladle lining are:
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Improved ladle availability
  • More environmentally friendly due to less break-outs
  • Higher ladle lifespan

Due to these advantages the monolithic lining of steel ladles has become established in the market. With theracast, theramer is in a position to offer refractory castables based on high quality, virgin raw materials for steel ladles of all sizes.

To be used in the permanent lining of ladle bottoms or walls, refractory cement of the theracast-S series can be used as vibration or pouring castable.