Quality and Development Centre Print

VGH Viktoria Garten Hüttenindustriebedarf GmbH and theramer GmbH expand their centrepiece, the Quality and Development Centre, under the direction of Mr. Igor Galenko. VGH Quality and Development Centre was relocated from Hilgert to the premises of theramer in Hattingen and was integrated in theramer's organisation structure in order to promote effective work intensity, to accelerate internal logistic processes and to create ideal conditions for top products manufacturing.

High product reliability and high quality standards have become of paramount importance in the industry nowadays. Highly specialised product tests, trustworthy quality control and customized test procedures as well as necessary lab hightech ensure theramer's leading role on the world market. Quality and Development Centre defines the requirements for resilience, test conditions and product tests and sets the quality of theramer products due to accurate documentation convincingly forth. "We assist our customers in identifying technological basics of our products and their clear interpretation. It's about innovative consultancy. And it is about high end products." Decentralisation breakup of the enterprise location has already brought evident performance increase in all fields of responsibility. Highly qualified professionals and experts with profound background knowledge and longtime experience in the industry and in the refractories work for the Quality and Development Centre. The research and development strategy of VGH Viktoria Garten Hüttenindustriebedarf GmbH encourages new technologies despite high capital expenditures. The Quality and Development Centre offers extensive all-round solutions to various refractory problems on all production levels.