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Hattingen,  Oktober 2015

The III. and the IV. quarters of 2015 are definitely trend-setting for both theramer GmbH and its customers.

Extensive lab capacity increase  made it possible to reach the set Goal and to deliver new state-of-the-art products for the international market. Broad spectrum of refractory products for the Aluminium and Cement industries enjoys strong demand all over the world nowadays. theramer's portfolio has been widened due to stabilisation of the company, modernisation of the equipment and further development of the basics.

The acquisition of the 12.000 m2 production area in Gottwaldstraße, Hattingen helps theramer to plan for the future and forecast the new potentials. The willingness to invest in property bears already now a positive Impact on the business development.

The arrangements for the environmental certification have already been made. Sustainability has become an inherent part of the company's philosophy.

theramer's performance data are extremely competitive and proficient, its quality and quantity offers for the international industry rely on the principles of creativity, expertise and high standards.

theramer GmbH with the TÜV DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certified -